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Get a true visual memory of your stay


A Parisian Photoshoot 

We offer photoshoot services in Paris, as we know where the best locations are for taking breathtaking pictures.
The advantage of this service is that instead of staying in just one or two locations like most traditional photoshoots, we can cover a wide array of places as we will go from one location to another with the car. We understand that we live in a digital age where variety of content matters more than having hundreds of pictures of the same place.


A unique experience

After this photoshoot you will have content for your Instagram for years to come (depending on which frequency you post)
And as opposed to most photoshoots you will get not only pictures of yourself but also pictures of you with the car, which will add a whole other dimension do your pictures.

The car and views of Paris will put you in a great mood which will make time fly by and won’t feel like a « job » to pose, which will help make those pictures look as natural as possible and the process as fluid and enjoyable as possible, as opposed to certain photoshoots where you are stressed about it and stiff which could show in the pictures.
Here, you don’t have to walk to move locations, we take care of that.


Various locations

Pictures are taken on an iphone 12 pro max (Or directly from your cellphone if you prefer) and sent via airdrop by the end of the service. 

This offers us several advantages as opposed to traditional DSLR cameras in that since the pictures are instantly edited by computerization, you don’t have to wait to get the final product, for an end result that most people won’t tell the difference, (in some cases even better especially for low light) and especially if you post for social media.

Also because we don’t have to do the manual post production edition of pictures the price is actually cheaper than regular photoshoots for quality that still surpasses most of them, because of the unique angle we take the photos and our knowledge of Paris.


Unforgettable memories

On top of every picture, I also take also a portrait with a blurred background which makes the shot look epic. 

As well as a short one second video that you can also use for reels if you wish to make one (by assembling all the difference location video shots).

Examples of pictures above.

You will get photos from such different locations that few people ever get from a photoshoot.


Scroll down below for pictures you can expect

Examples of pictures

You can also click on the pictures above to see them in higher resolution.

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