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Tour like a local

Discover Paris in a unique way, different from anything you’ve ever experienced!



Our various tours allow you the flexibility to choose among different mythic areas such as Montmartre, Saint Germain des Prés, the Latin Quarter and le Marais, among many others.


Of course, we’ll cover the major highlights or Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysées, Opera, the Louvre and Notre Dame.


But the point is that every tour is unique and different, because it is based on your needs and expectations of what you want and choose to see. It is therefore tailored uniquely to you. We are flexible based on the areas and duration you select.


Having said that, we organized our tours among two types. Paris Highlights, which covers the capital’s most prominent monuments and attractions, perfect for a first visit of the city, and Paris Secrets. The latter more focused on the typically unknown yet noteworthy spots, that few people ever know about.


Of course, as said above, it could be a mix of both. But sometimes people want to go straight and only for the unusual. This tour is perfect for that then.

When you book, our tours are by default Paris Highlights. The more time you add, the more we will be able to see other locations off the beaten path, located usually in Montmartre, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the Latin Quarter, and Le Marais. Otherwise we have several "Paris Secrets" tours of various durations that you can book, which include unusual locations from those neighborhoods mentioned above, and also some specific tours about those neighborhoods, such as the tour of Saint-Germain and the Latin Quarter, the tour of Le Marais, and the tour of Montmartre.


Those tours can be done during the day ☀️ or at night🌙, each having their own unique advantages. 

Paris during the day is beautiful and everything is still open, while at night the atmosphere changes, you get to see which areas liven up in the evening, the cool spots to go, how he vintage lampposts light up as well as the monuments,  and you may also see the Eiffel Tower sparkle on the hour, something quite majestic to see. Which is why it's called the city of lights.


But one thing is sure, whether you are a night owl 🦉 or an early bird 🐦 , a first time visitor or a « regular », we’ve got you covered and will make sure we try our best to make this tour incredible, or at the very least, special. 


How a Tour works


As said before, we can pick you up directly at your hotel. The tours have various durations. In one hour we usually don’t usually have time to see anything other than the highlights so usually Montmatre, the latin quarter and le Marais are not included, as they are a little remote from the center. But if your hotel were to be in those areas, since we provide pick up, we would explore those areas at your convenience, and in turn see those things instead of some that we would usually cover in the 1h if we were to start in a more central location.

If you don’t want to have to deal with that dilemma, we recommend you take at least 1h30, ideally 2h. This will allow us to see Montmatre extensively, as well as Saint Germain, and if time permits, depending on the conditions discussed above, the latin quarter.


If you wanna explore le Marais, we recommend booking for 3 hours or more. As an example, 3h would be enough during night time, but 4h would be ideal if booked for the day time. We also have special tours of Le Marais, the Latin Quarter, and Montmatre, that you can request.


Click the button below to learn more about each tour's specific duration and what it entails

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