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What we do


Hello. My name is Pierre and I am the creator of So French Tour.

So French Tour. Oh, I hear you say, it’s sooo cliché. And you know what? That’s true. That’s what I aimed to do when I created this company, it was to make you experience the clichés of Paris, the good ones. Because Paris is a dream waiting to be experienced. And what better way than to do it in the ultimate french car, the mythic Citroen 2CV? I  have been doing tours since 5+ years. The idea was to create a tour guiding company of the utmost quality in Paris. My main goal was to make my customers happy and to have impeccable service, and provide my customers with lasting memories.
Reviews are not everything, but after creating my experience on airbnb, 2 years ago, it got promoted to the first position for more than half a year, and was considered by Airbnb to be one of the things to do once in your life as this is such a special an unique experience. Out of those 411 reviews 98% are 5 stars. You can scroll through some of them above if you want to make up your mind :) 


We don’t claim to be the only guided tour company. Regardless of who your choose, admiring the amazing scenery of Paris will make up for some potential defects. That being said, no offense but we do believe we are the best in this. After thousands and thousands of tours done over the years, we have cracked the code of Paris. You see, the capital is like a puzzle waiting to be uncovered. Tiny little streets, but how to take them while still doing a nice tour that doesn’t cover twice the same spot? There is both an art and a science, which we have perfected after a lot of trial an error.


While most of the other tour companies will show you just the main monuments, we step out of the main road and also explore the hidden streets that make Paris charming and lovely.


Because each tour is different depending on where you start and wish to end, we have to adapt accordingly and provide you with a tour uniquely tailored to your needs. Each spot could have 3, 4 or even 5 different streets to take depending on which direction we come and go. Multiply that by all the different locations we cover, and you quickly realize it adds up to hundreds of possibilities, that we have to pinpoint clearly within a few seconds, to simply connect the dots. That may seems easy, but it’s only because we make it seem effortless and flowing. Because we have mastered this down to a subconscious level to where it looks spontaneous. But deep down, it is the result of years of trying to figure it out until we believe we have « cracked the code ».


This is what makes us unique and special.


Also, we speak fluent English, we are articulate, and cultured. Something that should be a given, but you’d be surprised! 🙄


Photos Included

We also offer in the tour pictures. It is included.

Pictures that look nothing short of amazing and instagram ready. Take a look of our instagram, in the tagged section.

Depending on the time of the tour we might have between 5 to 10 different pictures. Since each picture includes several takes, a small video and a portrait, taken with an iphone, you are looking for at least 20+ different content pieces. Enough to give you choices for the best pose, while still having all the video content pieces necessary to make a reel if you wish.


A private photographer would take hundreds of pictures in the same location, which is great but it could potentially lead to analysis paralysis, and lack of options because you are tied to one (maybe two max!) locations. We believe in variety, so we give you multiples takes of the same picture to maximize the chances of having a good one (simple statistics 😊), but we offer multiple locations thanks to the car, which makes it seem like you’ve explored the city back and forth, like a true local! Hint: you’ve actually did, after you’ve done this tour.🤗


That’s not it, 


Timing is essential


While we can’t promise we will always be at the exact same time as the Eiffel Tower sparkles at night, we have been pretty consistent at meeting that deadline. The rare times we haven’t were when there was a special event blocking us from accessing it, such as the fashion week, a president or royal visiting, some protests, or a closed street. So be sure that we take heed in making sure to be there at the Eiffel Tower on time, to make things special. But regardless, being able to show you all we can, whether during the day or the night, while still respecting the time is a skill.


We also, as opposed to some of our competitors, don’t stop for as much as possible to make us work less. While we encourage you to stop when you want, we are there to serve you and show you as much as possible. Think of this tour as a bird view of Paris so that you can then come back on your own to the places we showed you and stay as long as you want at your own leisure. Of course, you could also do that during the tour, but while that would make us work less, that’s not our goal (as opposed to some of our competitors). We know we offer a certain price, certainly not the cheapest, but completely justified, compared to the value you will be getting, and places you will see. Based on estimates, we usually cover around 30 to 40% more places than the competition, based on our traffic navigating skills, general knowledge of the city, willingness to work and not just stop as long as we can 😅, and we do not use the gps to get around. (Not pointing any fingers 😅). That’s the true testament to who does or doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and where he’s going.

In other words, we work hard for your money and you get much more value as a result than you would get elsewhere. If you don’t believe us, try them and book us after, you will tell us the difference.


Until then you can scroll our 400+ reviews (and thousands of happy clients who didn’t post a review, you can take our word for it 😊)


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