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Presentation: Services

What we do


We offer tours of Paris in the legendary Citroën 2CV. Convertible, cute and funny, it attracts attention and sympathy while allowing you to admire Paris in all its splendor, with its convertible roof.
Accompanied by old French music 🎶, you will experience a step back in time. All this for an unusual experience. We will drive through the small secret alleys of Paris, full of history and charm. Every nook, square, sidewalk dotted with street lamps, for a feast for the eyes. It is a way of compressing time by seeing a large number of things in the time the tour lasts, and of feeling a particular emotion, like in a movie. You are the main character. Are you ready? Let's go. Beep beep!!!

Whichever tour you choose, we have the resources and experience necessary to make it perfect.


Whether you come here for the first time or are familiar already with the city, we’ll make sure your time spent with us will be sensational and you make the best of this experience in this magical city with such a charming atmosphere.

And have the best pictures to remember it (or to show off to your friends :-) )

Whether you are here for 1h, 2, 3 or even 5, we’ll make sure to make your time memorable and money well spent for an incredible unforgettable memory of this phenomenal city.

We are here to serve you so that the city of lights combined with our expertise will transfer those lights (or stars ⭐️) in your eyes. 

Whether day or night, under the sun ☀️ or under the rain 🌧, solo, in a couple or with friends, doing this tour in this little vintage convertible Citroen will prove to be a good investment, as fun and lovely memories will be the result of such a decision.

Have fun!


« Paris, Paris, Paris…

C'est sur la Terre un coin de paradis… » told us Josephine Baker. We couldn’t agree more.

So French Tour. Oh, I hear you say, it’s sooo cliché. And you know what? That’s true. That’s what I aimed to do when I created this company, it was to make you experience the clichés of Paris, the good ones. Because Paris is a dream waiting to be experienced. And what better way than to do it in the ultimate french car, the mythic Citroen 2CV?

You will understand why this is so french once we take the little streets only this car can take, displaying the typical french lanterns we call « réverbères ».

Back then, Emily in Paris didn’t exist. But it coincides with the places I show you. Whether you want to feel special like the 2 actresses eating at the Maison Rose, taking a hot chocolate to meet Hemingway in café de Flore as in Midnight in Paris, read a book in Shakespeare and Co as in the movie Before Sunset, listen to Jazz in Caveau de la Huchette like in La La Land or have a midnight walk on the place of Rue du Haut Pavé, as in the Devil Wears Prada, you will have many occasions to feel like in a movie. Yes except you are the main actor, and it’s all happening in one scene, not multiple cuts.

So be ready for an outstanding experience that will leave you wondering whether this is for real or all but a dream. We have various tours, of different areas. 

To get a feel check out our videos and photos or click the « book online » tab if you’re ready to make a reservation.

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