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Paris Secret

« Paris, Paris, Paris…

C'est sur la Terre un coin de paradis… » told us Josephine Baker. We couldn’t agree more.

So French Tour. Oh, I hear you say, it’s sooo cliché. And you know what? That’s true. That’s what I aimed to do when I created this company, it was to make you experience the clichés of Paris, the good ones. Because Paris is a dream waiting to be experienced. And what better way than to do it in the ultimate french car, the mythic Citroen 2CV?

You will understand why this is so french once we take the little streets only this car can take, displaying the typical french lanterns we call « réverbères ».

Back then, Emily in Paris didn’t exist. But it coincides with the places I show you. Whether you want to feel special like the 2 actresses eating at the Maison Rose, taking a hot chocolate to meet Hemingway in café de Flore as in Midnight in Paris, read a book in Shakespeare and Co as in the movie Before Sunset, listen to Jazz in Caveau de la Huchette like in La La Land or have a midnight walk on the place of Rue du Haut Pavé, as in the Devil Wears Prada, you will have many occasions to feel like in a movie. Yes except you are the main actor, and it’s all happening in one scene, not multiple cuts.

So be ready for an outstanding experience that will leave you wondering whether this is for real or all but a dream. We have various tours, of different areas. 

To get a feel check out our videos and photos or click the « book online » tab if you’re ready to make a reservation.

Every tour is different, flexible, but here are some of the things we could see among many others. So even if you thing you’ve seen it all, there’s probably a thing or two you might discover!

BTW, Not only fun, but history as well!

✅ See the mark of the flood Paris went through in 1910 when the Seine overflowed

✅ See the first stone of the city of Paris the romans founded some 2,000 years ago

✅ See the nicest square of Paris

✅ Taste the pasteries in the oldest bakery of Paris, from 1730! (That’s 292 years for you!) They invented the “baba au rum” cake.

✅ “Space Mountain” like roller coaster street in Montmatre the kids (and adults) love! (There are 3 of them in Montmatre

✅ The statue of Dalida where a weird ritual is said to bring luck!

✅ The Cabaret where Edith Piaf sang publicly for the last time, where Frank Sinatra sang as well (among others such as Charles Aznavour, etc

✅ Where Emily in Paris lives, works, jogs, goes to eat, etc!

✅ The Amélie Poulain café, grocery store, photomaton and Venetian  carousel

✅The Smallest Tiniest Streets Ever! (You’ll wonder how we managed to fit!)

✅ The Stairs of Midnight in Paris

✅The Best Hot Chocolate place in Paris (hint: it’s where Hemingway used to go)

✅ The famous locks of love bridge, which has a scene in “Sex and the City” new season!

✅ The famous hotel where all celebrities go

✅ The midnight kiss scene in the Devil Wears Prada

✅ The Actual real life restaurant that inspired the movie Ratatouille (it also looks like in the movie)

✅ Paris Best Ice Cream Place (you’ll love it)

✅ Paris Best fallafel place (with VIP access)

✅ Paris best choux à la crème

✅ Paris best macarons and chocolates

✅ Paris best cheeses

✅ Where to get the best drawings / paintings of yourself

✅ The most beautiful galleries / hallways / passages

✅ The only 2 remaining art deco subway stations with original glass canopy from the 1900s

✅ This hidden New York Broadway Style looking Theatre with impressive architecture 

✅ Paris oldest church (1,500 years old)

✅ Where Eugene Delacroix lived - The man who painted the famous “Marianne” I’ll show you)

✅ The Cabarets where Picasso, Renoir and Lautrec used to hang out

✅ Where Oscar Wilde spent his last days

✅ Where used to live Victor Hugo

✅ The history behind the Arcs of Triumphs, doors of Paris

✅ The first actual square or Paris and why it’s now said to be haunted

✅ The famous Tea Saloon where Napoleon and Benjamin Franklin used to go, from 336 years ago! (1686)

✅ The oldest bridge of Paris, scene to many movies (Lupin etc)

✅ The best view of all Paris and where are the best rooftop bars and restaurants!

✅ The Secret Jazz place, only one in the world

Where you can dance!

✅ The best street for the Eiffel Tower Picture, known mostly only to famous influencers!

✅ The Roman Baths

✅ The untold story of the Musée d’Orsay

✅ The first Telescope of Paris

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