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The Tour of Montmartre

Before we explain you the concept, check out this video below to get a feel of the tour and the places covered. As they say, a picture is worth a million words, (and a video a million pictures therefore a billion words :)  )
Joke aside, enjoy watching and then read below to learn more.

The bohemian part

Montmatre is an amazing district in and on itself.
The famous bohemian part of Paris, home to no less than Picasso, Van Gogh, Renoir, Eric Satie, Charles Aznavour, to name a few.
What makes this area so special is that it was once a village outside of Paris, and it still kept its timeless vibe, which draws so many people in its silent streets where it seems time has all but stopped. You even wonder if you are still in Paris, the atmosphere being so different, almost like a small village in Provence, or Italy.

A picturesque area

During the tour we also stop for some pictures
So many movies have been shot here, which is why a lot of people come here to take breathtaking pictures. (Talking of pictures, check out ours)
There was a saying from that says that you only need to walk in Montmatre to make some extraordinary meetings. There is a special vibe here that you will feel once you get there.
Whether you want to admire the sky of Paris from the highest altitude of the city (132m), drink a coffee in Café des 2 Moulins where Amélie Poulain worked in the famous movie Amélie, or party in Pigalle near the Moulin Rouge, this district has everything you need.

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