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If Paris is beautiful during the day, it particularly shines at night. It doesn’t get to earn the title « The City of Lights » for nothing.

There is a reason, whether it is the multitude of lanterns called réverbères you will see in the street, with a design reminiscent of the middle age, or lights on the monuments, and some decorations on certain cafes and restaurants.


But beyond the purely visual aspect, which is paramount, there is also a different energy at night. The day is more of a hustle and people running from one place to another whether the night is more about people relaxing in cafes, socializing, or partying. Paris is beautiful because of its monuments, for sure, but what makes it truly special is its vibe, and its inhabitants are also responsible for it, with their habits of drinking wine or coffee in those places with their chairs in the sidewalk talking about their life and contemplating other pedestrians or wherever the fun is.


In the case of doing a tour with the 2CV, you will be the fun attraction to watch as you will notice how it draws all eyes on it, with its funny look, « osé » in french (daring).

But to experience those streets with all the nice cafes, you need to know where to go.

Because Paris is big and it takes knowledge to know where to get explore. I know all the good vibrant hot spots, dynamic and full of life. 


Whether we go to rue de Buci in Saint Germain des Prés, Rue Mouffetard in the Latin Quarter, Rue Montorgeuil in le Sentier or Rue de la Huchette in Saint Michel, or even the famous Champs Elysées along with the famous song by Joe Dassin, you will get a treat for your senses, be it sight, scent or sound.


You will experience Paris like a true local with the advantage of moving to multiple hotspots in the same night, cruising around like an explorator safe in the knowledge that you will get to experience the best places Paris has to offer.


I will also show you the most remarkable squares of Paris, along with some key movie spots, most often shot at night.

We will stroll thru small streets and may pass thru some galleries seing grands openings which often happen at night, that we french call « vernissage ».

Passing below the Eiffel Tower while it sprinkles is definitely an experience as well one you don’t wanna miss out on and possible depending on what time you do the tour. But the picture itself it incredible, regardless of the lights)

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